Communications Lifecycle Management:
What Telecom Expense Management Really Should Be

Technology has come a long way since the inception of Telecom Expense Management (TEM). These days, organizations oversee more than wireline circuits. Mobility makes up a key component of most communications environments, and cloud, internet of things and other aspects of IT are quickly gaining ground as well.

Enterprises must manage all the connectivity, equipment and licensing associated with wireless and IT – not just telecom. And yet, this can go overlooked. TEM has become such a rote practice within many organizations that administrators can apply the same concepts to mobility and cloud, for example, and miss opportunities to improve operations.

The reality is, modern technology is complex and intricate in ways telecom never has been. A TEM platform on its own cannot support the unique management requirements of mobility and IT. To be clear, TEM remains as important as ever for an organization’s wireline estate. But the time has come to expand the definition of, and actions associated with, TEM so users reap benefits in all areas.

Access the AOTMP 2019 Telecom Expense Management Market Landscape courtesy
of One Source

‘A Wider View’ of TEM

One Source is not alone in promoting this more thorough view of TEM. That is why we are proud to be included in AOTMP’s 2019 Telecom Expense Management Market Landscape. AOTMP understands that TEM ought to do more than provide audits and invoice processing.

“A wider view of telecom lifecycle management embraces everything from accurate inventory from the beginning to using new technologies to elevate the organization,” analysts write in the report. “At the same time, these activities can potentially save money. However, in an enterprise intent on evolving, savings should not constitute the primary concern. In fact, done right, telecom management inherently will lead to few, if any, regular expense cuts because accuracy and efficiency will have been established and maintained from the start.”

One Source agrees, and that is why we lean on the term “Communications Lifecycle Management” (CLM). In fact, AOTMP recognizes us for this holistic approach to telecom, wireless, and IT management in its 2019 Telecom Expense Management Market Landscape. Analysts also give us kudos for our “rare” focus on service delivery. “Relying on a managed services provider leads to levels of optimization enterprises have not previously been able to achieve,” analysts write.

This is our lifeblood. One Source handles all technology management tasks on behalf of our clients. We have to get it right. So, we do.

Contact us if you are:

  • Assigning full-time employees away from revenue-generating activities to time-consuming CLM tasks
  • Looking to save 20% – 40% on your telecom spend to self-fund other mission-critical programs such as Managed Security Services
  • Struggling to manage new technologies, even while trying to keep up with wireline and wireless expenses and administration
  • Trying to track down processes and records scattered among databases and owners
  • Tired of TEM vendor upheaval

One Source: Providing Fully Managed Services,
Not Software as a Service

If you are looking for a vendor to take care of all your CLM needs and more, download the AOTMP 2019 Telecom Expense Management Market Landscape courtesy of One Source to read more about us. In addition to CLM, One Source also specializes in Managed IT Services, Managed Security Services, and Field Services – covering the entire connectivity, computing, and security spectrum. Our experienced, dedicated staff perform all activities 24 hours a day.

Here, too, we like to point out our history of stable ownership. Founded in 1996, we have no desire to disrupt customers. One Source is one of the few CLM brands that has not taken part in the TEM industry’s turbulent M&A activity, and we have no plans to do so. Our company culture of treating customers like a part of the family enables us to realize a Net Promoter Score of 90, a client retention rate of 99%+, and an average client tenure of 12 years.

More than 1,000 mid-sized enterprises throughout North America count on One Source to remove burden from their staff and to optimize their technology environments. We frequently generate triple-digit ROI for customers through contract negotiation, portfolio optimization, and ongoing expense management.