Navigating a Firewall Shortage

Unlike the bare grocery aisle shelves lacking paper goods and Clorox wipes, there is a much more severe shortage in firewall equipment that won’t as easily replenish due to supply chain issues abroad.

As your trusted partner, One Source has inventory of the plug-and-play Cisco Meraki platform allowing immediate increase in capacity and stability via VPN for your remote workforce.  With expert managed services we enable you to act with urgency to replicate your normal office environment.

Managed Firewall Services for Your Remote Workforce

One Source Managed Firewall Services will enable you to:

  • Allow remote VPN connectivity to the corporate network
  • Extend your office resources to remote workers maintaining productivity
  • Allow for load balancing on your VPN that is currently being stressed beyond its original design
  • Create rule sets for inbound and outbound traffic to protect your data by:
    • Preventing unauthorized access attempts
    • Examining network traffic to prevent malicious activity, such as malware

We are Here to Help

We know this is a very vulnerable time for your business and we want you to know that we are here for you as a reliable vendor partner today and into the future. Please contact us for a discussion about your specific business needs