Keep Your Remote Workforce Secure

The dramatic increase of remote workers accessing corporate servers and networks is exposing your business to unprecedented levels of vulnerabilities.

As a Manage Security Service Provider (MSSP), One Source, has a unique partnership with FireEye to provide quick deployment of their Fortune 100 strength antivirus security tool to all of your remote workforce at a mid-market investment. We care about your business and want to help you as your trusted partner to navigate this abrupt and violent storm.

Why you Need MDR Right Now

  • Your entire workforce just transitioned to a remote environment – an unknown amount are remotely accessing your corporate servers and networks via personal computers – it could be a recipe for disaster for your security posture.
  • On-premise, legacy antivirus management products will not receive alerts if there’s an incident on a workstation that’s not on your network – your visibility has dramatically reduced.
  • Your corporate systems are unable to receive and install routine system patches, leaving them open to vulnerabilities.

30 days of FREE Managed Detection Services:

  • Expedited install of FireEye, next gen antivirus tools for all remote workers.
  • 24 x 7 cybersecurity asset monitoring by proven cyber analysts across three Security Operation Centers (SOC) in the US.
  • Incident response (IR) triage in the event an incident occurs.

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