Education Webinar:
How Your Organization Can Overcome COVID-19 Cybersecurity Risks

The global threat landscape with COVID-19 is changing. Since the onset of the global pandemic, there has been a renewed shift as threat actors target more and more small to midmarket organizations over large enterprises, with remote workforces exposing businesses to increasing vulnerabilities. Attackers are no longer exclusively focused on high-value intellectual property of the assets of billion-dollar corporations; any organization handling sensitive information has become an inviting target for hackers to exploit.

In this 30-minute education webinar you will learn:

  • Latest tactics and techniques of threat actors.
    • How are threat actors evolving?
  • Why more mid-market organizations are a target.
  • Strategies to identify and overcome vulnerabilities.
    • Securing remote desktop protocol, email security, end point & network monitoring, etc.
  • Real-life stories of organizations protecting their environment.


AJ Fales
Director of Customer Success
One Source

Jeremy Canaday
Security Technical Accounts Manager
One Source