One Source Encourages North Carolina Businesses to Replace Copper Phone Lines by Early August Deadline

Failure to switch from legacy phone technology may be costly for NC businesses

GREENVILLE, N.C. – May 5, 2022 –  One Source, a leading provider of managed information technology services, is urging North Carolina businesses relying on Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) to switch to an alternate service before the looming August 2 deadline. In response to a 2010 order from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), all POTS lines in the United States must be replaced. Multi-line services, including Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), also fall under this order.

Though digital technology has grown in adoption, many businesses still have POTS service lines supporting critical functions like elevator phones, fire alarms and security systems. As the major carriers sunset their POTS services, all these functions must be migrated onto either voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) lines, a dedicated IP network like Ethernet or fiber or a cellular connection over the air, leaving businesses still using POTS systems potentially without these services.

“A significant challenge for many organizations is that POTS line systems were designed for reliability long before the internet and IP telephony became widespread,” said Chris Hope, senior director of IT and security, One Source. “As a result, businesses cannot simply swap out one mode of communication for another and expect systems to work as intended. It takes significant planning and assessment to ensure all systems continue to function amid the change.”

One Source identifies the steps they should take to make the switch successfully:

  • Identify which services rely on POTS: Companies should complete an inventory assessment of where POTS services reside, what hardware they are using, where they are located and what the potential side effects are for temporarily interrupting those services.
  • Determine which alternative means of communications will work best: When changing over from POTS lines, companies may need to add additional capabilities to maintain services. This could include adapters, converters for modern IP-based networks or a managed voice service. Since POTS replacements are IP-based and controlled by software, new service lines can be configured and monitored remotely.
  • Consider the cost: Different connectivity solutions cost different amounts. Historically, renewals for POTS services increase substantially – up to 700%. North Carolina businesses can expect to save between 30% to 50% on their existing POTS costs after switching to a modern IP-based network. Businesses can opt for a hybrid approach that uses internet first and cellular as a backup.

“The time for North Carolina companies still relying on POTS services for critical communications nearing its end,” said Hope. “The cost of doing nothing is becoming increasingly burdensome and will soon be even more so thanks to the looming FCC deadline. There has never been a better time for NC companies to invest in future-proofing their operations by migrating critical infrastructure to modernized systems to support business operations.”

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