Top 25%

Congrats! You are now an official Cyber Guru.

Here were the correct answers to the questions in the quiz:

  1.   What percentage of malware is delivered by email?   92%
  2.   What is the average cybersecurity spending per employee?   $1178
  3.   What percentage of breaches involve small businesses?   43%
  4.   By 2021 how many cybersecurity jobs will go unfilled globally?   3.5M
  5.   Percentage that phishing attacks have increased since the pandemic?   667%

Nice work, we need more people like you helping to raise awareness of cyber threats and potential data vulnerabilities. The pandemic and transition to remote working has “refreshed” old vulnerabilities as companies try to offer convenience to remote workers and bypass their normal due diligence. Data breaches are impacting more and more businesses and the cost and reputational damage of a data breach can be detrimental with the potential to put companies out of business.