SOCtoberfest 2021:
4 Key Ingredients To Brewing Robust Cybersecurity Protection

Oktoberfest may have been canceled in Germany this year, but that won’t stop us from celebrating…with a twist! There’s a lot that goes into brewing a great-tasting beer. You have to have quality ingredients, you need to avoid harmful additives, and you need to be vigilant to keep EVERYTHING clean to avoid compromising your brew. Well, these same principles apply to creating a top-notch cybersecurity environment and protecting your organization.

Join Steve Cobb, CISO at One Source, and Dano Ferons, brewmaster at Mad Mole Brewing, for a unique cyBEERsecurity virtual event to learn not only the techniques and nuances of brewing a great beer but the key ingredients that go into “brewing” a robust and mature cybersecurity environment that will protect your organization from any “harmful additives”, like malware or ransomware, that come your way.

In this 45-minute webinar you will learn:

  • The basic, essential ingredients you need to brew beer and build a cybersecurity environment.
  • A winning recipe to achieve security maturity.
  • Cleanliness is godliness in both beer and security – techniques to practicing good cyber hygiene.


Steve Cobb
CISO, One Source
Dano Ferons
Brewmaster, Mad Mole Brewing