Uncovering the truth in the IT Industry. In this podcast we will discuss IT trends, cost reduction strategies, best practices, case studies and include special guests offering actionable industry advice to take back to your organization.

Is Remote Working Your New Normal? What You Need In Your Business Continuity Plan.

Please join Jon Meyer, Chief Technology Officer with CAPTRUST in a 15 minute spotlight Q&A session to discuss what you may not know about business continuity planning and execution.

Surviving A Cyber-Attack And The Toll It Takes On A Business

Please join Paul Moline, CIO from Lindsay Automotive Group in a 15 minute spotlight Q & A session where he discusses his experience of a cyber attack and gives advice on what you can do to prevent being a victim.

What Your Insurance Company Needs You To Know About Cybersecurity

Join Jim Kay, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at Curi, in a 15 min spotlight Q&A session where he gives advice and shares his experience about what you may not know about protecting your data.

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