Understanding How It Works Can Help

One Source is an amazing place to build a career. We appreciate your interest in a career with us!
Here is generally how the recruiting process works:

Applications Review

Applications ReviewWe value your interest and time to complete your application. Members of the hiring team carefully review every application submitted through One Source’s application system. Upon careful considerations, hiring managers will select applicants who may be a good fit for the positions for initial phone screens. Our Human Resources team will then schedule phone interviews with those applicants. For those who are not selected for the interview, our team will share your application with other hiring managers with open positions that may fit your skills and experience. Please note that the timeframe for application submission to contact by One Source Human Resources can vary widely depending on the company and department needs, and contact time may vary in the steps below too.

Initial Phone Interview

Initial Phone InterviewThis is a time for the hiring manager to ask questions based on information provided in the application as well as a time for applicants to ask questions to learn more about One Source and the open position. Phone interviews usually last about thirty minutes.

First Face-to-Face Interview

First Face-to-Face InterviewHiring managers generally select three to six applicants from the phone interview and invite them to visit One Source in person. The first face-to-face interview may include a member of our Human Resources team and managers from other departments with open positions. First interviews usually last 30 to 60 minutes.

Second Face-to-Face Interview

Second Face-to-Face InterviewHiring managers usually select one to three applicants from the first interview and invite them to return to One Source for a second interview. A director will also participate in this phase of the interview process. The format for the first portion of this interview is a discussion meeting. During the second portion, the applicant may be given the opportunity to sit with members of the team to get an idea of the role and responsibilities. We ask applicants to be available for up to two hours for second interviews.

Employment Offer

Employment OfferAfter the second interview, the hiring team selects the final candidate. The hiring manager will call the candidate to extend an offer. The candidate will have the opportunity to ask any questions about the offer or employment details at that time. A follow up email from our Human Resources team with the written offer will also be sent to the candidate.

You’re Hired!

You’re Hired!Congratulations! There will be a few things to do in preparation for your first day. You will receive a welcome email with instructions from our Human Resources team one week before your first day. Your hiring manager and our Human Resources team will also be available to answer any questions. Just let us know how we can help you. We’re excited to have you on the team!