What Is A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)?

A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) is an outsourcer that delivers full cyber security protections – including the requisite infrastructure, software, people, and processes – to organizations. The MSSP oversees all aspects of cyber security for its customers, while ensuring client access to help desk support through a 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) or SOCs. The enterprise, in other words, is never left to fend for itself.

What Does an MSSP Do?

In essence, the MSSP delivers the necessary defenses against cyber security risks an organization needs, including real-time threat intelligence, for the client. The customer does not need to deal either with a shortage of talent, or with having to hire or retain employees. Not only does this approach alleviate overhead for the enterprise, it also allows existing staff to focus on their unique areas of skill and generate revenue.

Here are some specific activities an MSSP should handle for its customers:

Monitor and Detect
  • Surveil the entire security ecosystem including email, endpoint, and network through one interface
  • Pinpoint high-impact malicious activities to prevent breaches
  • Ensure operational excellence
  • Deliver real-time security reporting visibility through customizable dashboard, organizing vetted threats in one location for further action
  • Validate and prioritize threats, analyzing all security alerts using the latest security intelligence
  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of all alert artifacts to determine scope of incidents and extent of compromise
  • Diagnose and triage security alerts based on Indicators of Compromise (IoC), attackers’ operational capabilities, and threat patterns
  • Search for malicious threats, indicators, and zero-day vulnerabilities
  • Use leading-edge threat intelligence throughout the entire security landscape to guide hunting activities
  • Gain full threat visibility through complete inspections of network traffic and endpoints
  • Contain threats rapidly with automated threat notifications and orchestrated security responses
  • Craft safeguard and remediation plans to reduce potential intrusions/data breaches
  • Resolve incidents quickly; experienced analysts use a systematic approach

Next, consider some of the specific cyber security outcomes an MSSP should facilitate:

Protect against common threats and sophisticated attacks.
This includes defending all entry points, detecting a full range of threats and deploying a Fortune 100-level security ecosystem.

Strengthen security capabilities across the whole organization.
This means ensuring compliance with all regulations and building employee security awareness.

Increase security efficiencies without the associated Fortune 100-level spending.
The MSSP will put its highly specialized security experts to work for the customer. These personnel will work closely with the customer to implement or recommend the right safeguards.

Aren’t MSSP Costs Out of Reach for My Organization?

In many instances, access to MSSP services has remained the luxury of large businesses, government agencies, or other entities with big budgets. A common misconception among small and mid-sized enterprises has been that they cannot afford enterprise-grade cyber defenses. Fortunately, that is not actually the case. One Source, for example, offers smaller organizations the same capabilities and services that were once only available to larger firms, at an affordable monthly rate. One Source then goes a step further by managing clients’ entire network, IT, and security environments through a single pane of glass. All this drives operational efficiencies and savings, enabling customers to self-fund cyber security investments. We invite you to talk with us to learn how we can help meet your cyber security needs.

One Source’s Managed Security Services Solution Overview