Benefits of Using a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

Cyber security threats abound. From spam and phishing to hacks and breaches, organizations of all sizes encounter the unexpected every day. Whether those organizations are prepared and able to take care of the risks remain the question.

That is why enterprises, nonprofits, government agencies and other entities throughout the world look to Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) for extra help. Indeed, for many firms, building complete cyber security practices, even when they have the human, technological, and financial resources to do so, makes little sense – why reinvent the wheel? Even large enterprises, which tend to have the tools for detecting and dealing with cyber security challenges, often lean on MSSPs and their expertise. This is especially true in the case of opting for Security Operations Center (SOC) support. IT and finance leaders within large enterprises find that using an outsourced SOC streamlines processes, eases workloads, and saves money.

When these organizations’ small and mid-size counterparts see such activity, they may automatically rule out the possibility of using an MSSP themselves because they think they cannot afford it. With some vendors, that is true. Others, however, make a point of serving niche enterprises, and that approach to cyber security can prove indispensable. Large, mid-size, or small, several key benefits arise when relying on an experienced MSSP that works alongside in-house staff to protect the organization.

Benefits of Using an MSSP

Expect to experience some key advantages when teaming with the right MSSP.

Augmented Staff

Small and mid-sized organizations may not have the budget to fund a full-time, trained cyber security expert or team. A reputable MSSP fills the gaps. Such a provider hires its own certified staff and ensures they stay abreast of ever-evolving cyber threats. These personnel work out of a Security Operations Center, which runs 24/7/365. They support their clients’ existing departments, rather than replacing them, by provisioning the most up-to-the-minute technologies and capabilities.

Focused Staff

With the MSSP to turn to, the organization’s internal IT experts have the time and mental energy to focus on strategic projects that create business outcomes. No longer do these professionals have to spend their days trying to prevent cyber security problems. Instead, they may use their unique skills and qualifications to enhance the enterprise, knowing all the while that the MSSP is working behind the scenes on their behalf.

Access to the Latest Resources

Because the MSSP specializes just in cyber security, it will have the proper and most modern resources – technologies, infrastructure, processes, incident response techniques, etc. – at the ready. Furthermore, some MSSPs will deliver frequent or constant compliance testing, systems scanning, intrusion detection, vulnerability management, and advanced monitoring. The customer does not have to buy all this proficiency. Obtaining it on an outsourced basis removes the pressure to research, procure, deploy, and maintain equipment and software, and to employ security personnel.

Reduced Costs

The MSSP already has the requisite equipment, people, and technologies in place. This eliminates any need for the customer to create its own cyber security practice, with the exception of some minimal on-site deployment and ongoing management. From there, the client simply pays a monthly – and perhaps surprisingly affordable – fee for the MSSP’s services, removing capital expenditure and human resources expenses.

Those are the main, tangible benefits organizations will gain when joining forces with a premier MSSP. Other benefits will materialize along the way as well, depending on the enterprise’s unique circumstances. The right MSSP will seek to understand the customer’s overarching cyber security requirements and goals and provide targeted solutions that address those domains. But such an MSSP will go even further, ensuring protection and success in ways the client may not know to consider. The greatest benefit of using an MSSP, then, lies in peace of mind.

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