3 Actionable Strategies for Telecom Cost Recovery That Can Increase Your IT Budget

Organizations these days are on a mission to cut extra business expenses and reallocate to more important IT initiatives and innovation. One of the most efficient ways to trim costs is to take a closer look at your telecom invoice expenses from a processing, payment, and auditing standpoint.

Join Mary Uy, Director of Billing at One Source as she discusses best practices in telecom expense management to ensure your company’s resources are utilized correctly and efficiently.

In this 30-minute interactive webinar, you will learn:

  • Best practices for telecom cost verification to ensure accuracy of payment.
  • Dispute management and cost recovery strategies for incorrect invoice charges.
  • Optimizing invoice cost revision and management processes.


Mary Uy
Director of Billing
One Source

Kirk Waddell
Executive Vice President of Technology
One Source