About One Source

One Source Communications was founded in 1989 to provide solutions for its clients to meet their increasingly complex communications needs. It is now the leading provider of fully managed Communications Lifecycle Management for mid-market enterprises. Today, One Source manages more than 1,000 customers, 20,000 business locations, and over one million assets throughout all 50 states in the U.S. In addition to traditional Telecom / Wireless Expense Management services, One Source provides 24/7 local helpdesk, procures and provisions telecom/IT, and handles all service requests.

One Source frequently generates triple-digit ROI for customers through contract negotiation, portfolio optimization, and ongoing expense management. One Source’s approach empowers businesses to focus on customers and revenue-generating activities.

Why Clients Trust Us?

Average annual savings in telecom spend
Active locations under management
Client retention rate
Annual repair and order hours
Average client tenure of 12 years
Assets and devices under management
Dedicated experts, providing 24/7 U.S.- based help desk support

What we are NOT

Not A SaaS Vendor
We do not just give you reports
We deliver results
We do not simply inform you of invoice anomalies; we dispute and recover erroneous charges for you.
Not A Reseller/ Aggregator/Wholesaler
We do not resell telecom services
We are carrier-agnostic
We charge our customers a flat fee for management; you know our incentives are aligned.
Not A Gain Share Vendor
We do not drive up your expenditures
Only to “magically” find savings at the end of an audit cycle — all for pocketing a percentage of savings
Not Just A Telecom Expense Management Vendor
Our work does not end with audited invoices.
We provide ongoing contract management, MACD project support, 24/7 helpdesk, and bill payment services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading provider of fully managed connectivity, computing, and security services
to mid-sized enterprises in North America.

None of us are smarter than all of us. A team player is flexible, adaptable and collaborative. A team player always displays unity & solidarity with the team.

Showing respect means being open-minded, conscious of actions and considerate of others. Respectful people always use professional communication and appreciate the contributions of others.

Having integrity means doing what is right – even when no one else is looking. Someone who has integrity accepts responsibility and is accountable for his or her actions. A person of integrity also serves others with sincerity and is honest and trustworthy in all relationships.

A commitment to excellence means taking ownership and delivering on promises. Excellence requires discipline and attention to details and accuracy. Excellence seeks understanding and exceeds expectations.

Our work is measurable and it is meaningful. We share a corporate culture that is like a family. There are opportunities to grow and opportunities to serve others.