Your Merger and Acquisition IT Integration Plan

Accelerate M&A IT Integration While Reducing Expenses

Through the M&A process it is critical to eliminate redundancies across all company assets without disrupting business operations during the process. This synergy includes your telecom and IT infrastructure portfolio which carry a lot of hidden costs and asset overlap. The key is to look at them cohesively to deliver accelerated and cost-efficient M&A integrations.

Mergers & Acquisitions need to be as quick and seamless as possible to integrate services to realize key savings. But you also need to make sure that you won’t be creating disruption by cutting services too soon and that your technology integration plan serves your company for the long haul.

Your biggest challenge is accurately estimating technology synergies prior to closing an acquisition, so you can realize cost savings as quickly as possible post-close. You won’t be able to integrate efficiently if your resource planning is fragmented and there’s no standardized ownership of IT procurement and deployment. It comes down to balancing a thorough, detailed synergy estimation with quick, seamless integration. With standardized planning, holistic reporting and full accountability, you’ll achieve accelerated, comprehensive integrations that prime you for long-term growth.

Benefits of Working with One Source for IT M&A Integration

M&As often require major technology undertakings, such as office moves and consolidations, decommissioning legacy services and installing new infrastructure like structured cabling. Bringing your IT department into the planning process too late will lead to gaps during pre-close and, eventually, cost valuable dollars when you try to capture savings after the merger or acquisition is complete.

One Source is a Fully Managed Services Provider (MSSP) that can deliver full accountability in all of those areas, guiding you from integration planning to seamless execution of your 100-day plan. We help you account for IT and telecom infrastructure early in the M&A planning process, so you’ll gain visibility for accurate synergy estimation and accelerated capture post-close.

Diligence in<br>Synergy Estimation

Diligence in
Synergy Estimation

With detailed assessments and reporting on telecom, IT and cybersecurity, you’ll gain full visibility for reliable estimation.

Thorough<br>Integration Planning

Integration Planning

Gain an actionable project plan for achieving full assimilation so you can capture cost savings immediately.



Balance speed and savings with long-term viability and performance for your critical business operations.