Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Take Back Control of Your Telecom and Connectivity Costs

Managing telecom connectivity across many locations can be time-consuming, costly and complex – especially since carriers have their own margins in mind. Carrier revenue models give them the control, leading you to buy as many services and assets as possible, even if you don’t need them.

One Source is a trustful Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) services partner that provides you with a cohesive view into your telecom connectivity portfolio, proactively optimizing expenses and inventory based on business needs and actual usage. One Source is not just a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) vendor who solely focuses to wireline inventory and generates reports that are less than proactive.

CLM combines the active management of wireline, wireless and IT services, looking at the full picture to help your company operate smoothly and reduce costs. It doesn’t end with audited invoices. Customers recognize a 10x ROI with a cohesive plan comprising all aspects of IT, telecom connectivity and expense management. And the greatest advantage is that these cost-saving measures are implemented for you.

Looking for an Actionable Guide to Reducing Telecom Costs?

One Source is Carrier-Agnostic
Always with Your Best Interests in Mind

With One Source as your CLM partner, we provide 100% transparency into your inventory and associated costs, laying the groundwork for a long-term partnership. We embrace carrier-agnostic service procurement, proactive invoice auditing and contract management so you’ll achieve cost reduction in a few short weeks, not years. And you’ll have a single consolidated bill paid on your behalf, so you never have to worry about late fees or finance charges again.

There is No Gain in “Gain Share”
And we don’t believe in “gain share”: you get 100% of your savings from successful cost disputes and proactive charge resolutions – because it’s your money in the first place!

Our 99% customer retention rate speaks for itself. Our only incentive is to keep you happy, and our service model is intentionally designed to align with your revenue goals and put our own interests last.

One Bill to Pay, One Number to Call

Instead of managing dozens of vendors across locations, have just one bill to pay and one number to call, freeing up valuable FTEs and company resources for other priorities. You won’t be charged per invoice, MACD order or for time spent on contract negotiation – it’s all part of CLM with One Source.

As your partner, we take care of everything – even upgrading contract terms and service delivery. You won’t be left to follow up on our findings. We take the steps needed to reduce spend and optimize your portfolio. You’ll have all the benefits of an enterprise-level SaaS platform without the headache of implementation – we handle it all for you!

And with our managed mobility services, mobile device kitting and field services, we cover the full scope of your connectivity, from endpoints to infrastructure.

Manage<br>Your Inventory

Your Inventory

Managing wireless and wireline inventory across many locations is a challenge. View and manage your entire portfolio through one source of truth.

Lower<br>Your Costs

Your Costs

With active invoice auditing and portfolio optimization, you’ll only pay for what you need and use – and at the lowest rate.

Right-Size<br>Your Connectivity

Your Connectivity

Be empowered to make the best decisions for the long term, so you’re always positioned to adapt with changing circumstances.

Your Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) Solution

One Source is NOT a SaaS solution. We are accountable to our long-term customer relationship as your managed services partner. If there are issues with your invoices, WE dispute them and recover erroneous charges FOR YOU.

Inventory & Expense Management

Inventory & Expense Management

  • Ensure active invoice auditing for errors, rate changes and unnecessary charges
  • Consolidate all carrier and ISP invoices into a single bill
  • We handle error disputes and resolutions for you
Portfolio Optimization

Portfolio Optimization

  • With procurement science, receive the best fit of wireline and wireless services available from every vendor
  • Procure services and assets by site, tailored to each location’s needs
  • Unlock the lowest rates possible in each geographic region, thanks to our $600M buying power
Usage Optimization

Usage Optimization

  • Recover costs on services and assets you aren’t using
  • Use our best-in-class portal for full transparency into your portfolio and usage
  • Gain valuable insight into how to best utilize your technology and assets
Service Implementation & Helpdesk

Service Implementation & Helpdesk

  • Use our 24/7 helpdesk, staffed by experts
  • We monitor network operations, detect service disruptions and work with carriers to restore service
  • Receive on-demand location/device-level connectivity services and support


  • One Source saves my team several hours each day, relieving my IT staff from reviewing invoices and managing uptime.

    -CIO, National Manufacturing Company
  • One Source gave us the scalability, visibility, and centralized management that we desperately needed as we expanded our footprint.

    -CIO, National Restaurant Chain