Your Path to Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) Success

Software-As-A-Service Or Managed Services: Which Model Works For You?

Today’s telecom management solutions need to do more than simply identify savings. While software platforms play an important role in this objective, businesses are

increasingly finding value in vendors that deliver a combination of proactive tools and industry expertise that make improvements more meaningful than ever before.

Unlike Telecom Expense Management (TEM) efforts of the past, Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) features a much broader array of services and support options to achieve cost-effective, meaningful business outcomes across new innovations such as cloud, mobility, and regional carriers. Simply put, CLM delivers cost savings, network architecture improvements, and telecom solution sourcing answers that haven’t been possible until now. AOTMP® Research has found that almost 90 percent of organizations have either rejected outsourced TEM solutions or cycled through multiple providers because they fail to provide to provide a level of customer service and support that CLM vendors provide.

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