3 Strategies IT Leaders Need For Technology Optimization in 2021

Tighter technology budgets necessitate that IT leaders become more prudent when justifying new projects and more efficient in delivering IT services. Organizations must be more strategic at adopting new technologies that generate greater productivity, efficiency, and competitive advantage, while reducing costs.

Join Caroline Galler, Technical Project Coordinator at One Source, as she outlines 3 strategies for IT leaders to continue technology optimization and innovation in 2021 while saving time, money and mitigating risk.

In this 30 minute interactive webinar you will learn:

  • Creative Ways to Self-Fund IT Innovation
  • Upgrading IT Service Without Downtime
  • Solutions for IT Efficiency and Action Around:
    • POS Deployment and Management
    • SD-WAN Implementation
    • Firewall Traffic Shaping


Caroline Galler
Technical Project Coordinator
One Source

Steve Cobb
Chief Information Security Officer
One Source