Self-Assessment Checklist: Are You Overpaying for Your Business's Mobile Devices and Data?

With 6 simple questions, you can determine how well you may be managing your mobile devices and data. Evaluating your organization’s mobile devices can fuel a robust cost reduction strategy that can be an essential way to fund other critical areas like IT infrastructure, security, and innovation for 2021 and beyond.

Are you Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or are your devices corporate paid?

In the past, BYOD made financial sense, as devices were expensive, and companies didn’t want to subsidize them. Today this is a very costly and risky burden to an organization and the expense of mobile ownership lies in data usage. With BYOD, most individuals are on much more costly individual data plans because they aren’t leveraging collective buying power. Additionally, security is basically impossible to control when apps are installed. And in today’s pandemic, your business is more vulnerable than ever to cyberattacks.

How many employees are currently utilizing corporate paid mobile devices?

Visibility into how many locations are consuming wireless services allows you to avoid misalignment and oversubscription of mobile device resources. However, management can be complicated by having a decentralized procurement process. Business units may procure services without IT knowledge and insight. Additionally, services may continue billing after they should have been disconnected.

Do you have accurate visibility to your device inventory assigned to the respective end user and know what it is costing you?

Visibility gives you the ability to standardize services across an environment. It also lets you hold carriers accountable by examining fees charged vs. fees consumed. Lack of visibility leads to overspending.

Do you decommission devices in a centralized way?

Centralized management allows you to closely control spend by negotiating based on the volume of services. Decentralized management leads to:

  • Silos with finance or an individual business unit.
  • IT as limited to no visibility.
  • Risk of overspending for services.
Are you currently on an unlimited data plan?

On average, 30% of heavy users are responsible for 60% of the overall wireless data expenses.  If that is the case, unlimited data plans for the majority of your employees are rarely the answer.  In fact, the average enterprise typically oversubscribes telecom services by as much as 40%.  With the right visibility to the data usage and the behaviors of our employees, you can make educated choices as to what data plans are best for your organization.

Is your average mobile device payment cost less than $45/month?

While it seems that BYOD may be a cost-effective option for your organization, the reality is that companies are typically paying anywhere from $50-$100 in corporate stipends per mobile device. And if you go straight to the carrier, you could be overpaying as that carrier may not be the best option for every location of your business. Using an MSP leverages collective buying power, saving as much as 15-20% compared to BYOD or direct to the carrier. With an MSP it is possible to pay as low as $40 a month for your corporate paid devices.

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