Current Phishing Threats Affecting Your Mobile Workforce

Experts have already seen a flood of Coronavirus phishing. Hackers are preying on the isolation, fear and urgency of people to lure them into clicking to learn about the virus. What’s more, with so many employees unsecured working remotely, we expect to see attacks exploiting the very platforms that enable working from home. The raw truth is that your remote employee’s single click could be enough to cripple your business further or even shut your doors.

Join us as Cofense Security Solutions Advisor, Tonia Dudley, and One Source’s Chief Information Security Officer, Steve Cobb, discuss the vital importance of a sound phishing awareness program. Discover how to tune into your user’s human intuition to detect suspicious emails and report them right away.

Listen in as Tonia & Steve dive into:

1- The current state of the phishing threat landscape.
2- Goals & best practices of a successful phishing awareness program.
3- How organizations can balance the need to keep their people informed but protected.


Tonia Dudley
Security Solutions Advisor, Cofense
Steve Cobb
CISO, One Source