Empowering Enterprise Companies To Take Control Of Their Telecom Expenses

Your Business is Losing Millions in Unnecessary Charges

A large portion of your budget and staff can be repurposed for more important projects. As much as 65% of corporations pay late fees to carriers, some of which can run as high as 2.9% a month. In addition, 85% of telecom invoices contain errors, making for an average overpayment of 7%. What is most challenging, however, is that carriers and aggregators don’t always have your best interest in mind.

A Carrier-Agnostic Approach to Telecom Expense Management

One Source is a carrier-agnostic, outcome-driven, Managed Service Provider (MSP) that becomes a strategic role on your team to tackle today’s most complex telecom and IT business challenges to include: right-sizing and negotiating carrier contracts, wireless and wireline invoice audits and disputes, asset inventory and mobile device kitting, endpoint security, 24/7/365 helpdesk support and more. One Source optimizes telecom services procurement by using the collective purchasing power of their large customer base with carriers, so you have the right connectivity solution for each business location.

One Source Can Save You 30-40% by Overcoming Connectivity Challenges

One Source provides active management of your wireline & wireless services, helping your company operate smoothly and reduce costs. On average, we help our enterprise organizations save as much as 30-40% in recurring telecom expenses to solve these common challenges:

Unnecessary wireless/wireline expenses

Undernegotiated and unaudited carrier contracts

Oversubscribed to telecom services and connectivity

Own zero use devices without visibility

Unwanted late fees and invoice error

One Source Solution Offering Includes:

Inventory & Expense Management

  • Ensure active invoice auditing for errors, rate changes and unnecessary charges
  • Consolidate all carrier and ISP invoices into a single bill
  • We handle error disputes and resolutions for you

Portfolio Optimization

  • With procurement science, receive the best fit of wireline and wireless services available from every vendor
  • Procure services and assets by site, tailored to each location’s needs
  • Unlock the lowest rates possible in each geographic region, thanks to our $600M buying power

Usage Optimization

  • Recover costs on services and assets you aren’t using
  • Use our best-in-class portal for full transparency into your portfolio and usage
  • Gain valuable insight into how to best utilize your technology and assets

Service Implementation & Helpdesk

  • Use our 24/7 helpdesk, staffed by experts
  • We monitor network operations, detect service disruptions and work with carriers to restore service
  • Receive on-demand location/device-level connectivity services and support