Mobile Security: 2021 Cyber Scams You Need to Know to Prevent Your Next Attack

91% of cybercrime begins with a user clicking a malicious link in an email—something they’re 3x more likely to do on a mobile device. As pandemic vulnerabilities persist and employees remain working remotely, are you up-to-speed on the latest mobile scams?

Join One Source, CISO, Steve Cobb, as he discusses the latest and greatest impersonations and cloning techniques that are a small nightmare away from taking down your business.

In this 30-minute Q&A webinar you will learn:

  • Latest Mobile Scams – How to identify and get ahead
    • Sim Swapping
    • SMS Phishing (Smishing)
    • One Ring Scams
  • Mobile Security Policies – Tips on development and enforcement
    • Out of Date Devices
    • Data Leakage
    • WiFi Interference
  • Malware Apps – Uncover the latest mobile threats
    • Spyware
    • Mobile Ad Fraud
    • Out of Date OS/System Update


Steve Cobb
Chief Information Security Officer
One Source

Kirk Waddell
Executive Vice President of Technology
One Source