One Source Offers Cybersecurity Predictions for North Carolina Businesses in 2022

Cybersecurity tools will evolve to combat more sophisticated threats and attack methods

Greenville, N.C. – January 5, 2021 –  One Source, a leading provider of managed information technology services, today announced key cybersecurity trends the company expects to have a major impact on North Carolina businesses in 2022. As ransomware and other types of cybercrime threaten to cause devastating financial losses and damage to brand reputation, One Source expects attackers and methods to continue to evolve while new and more innovative tools will emerge to combat these threats.

Ransomware dominated the cybersecurity landscape in 2021 as businesses of all sizes were targeted by attacks and impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic left many companies vulnerable. The rise of ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) made it easier than ever for threat actors to execute attacks, while the average financial impact of an attack ($1.85 million) more than doubled from the previous year. As NC businesses navigate an increasingly complex landscape in the coming year, it is imperative that they be aware of expected trends and take the necessary steps to prevent potentially devastating attacks.

One Source’s cybersecurity predictions for the new year include:

  • Threats will come from everywhere: The last year has seen an explosion in RaaS, as new business models have emerged that allow commercial entities to not only execute attacks but create and sell software that lets others do the dirty work. From small businesses to large enterprises, no company will be safe in 2022 as the number of threats will continue to grow and businesses of all sizes will be targeted.
  • Attack methods and goals will continue to evolve: While money continues to be the chief aim of ransomware threat actors, the methods they use to achieve their goals will only continue to become more varied in the year to come. Many threat actors, rather than using the traditional method of encrypting systems and holding them for ransom, have taken to stealing mission critical data with threats to leak to competitors or release protected information publicly. Data is essential to many companies’ ability to operate, so expect to see this method continue to rise in prevalence in the year ahead.
  • Tools to combat cyberattacks will rise to meet evolution patterns: While attack methods and tools evolve, so do the tools available to businesses to combat them. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have begun to show promise in serving as viable ways of thwarting attacks. These tools will continue to grow in sophistication in 2022 as businesses deploy them to automate critical cybersecurity where human intervention simply isn’t available.

As one of North Carolina’s leading managed security services providers, One Source has saved NC businesses more than $100 million in preventing, remediating, and recovering from ransomware in 2021, and the company expects that number to increase in 2022.

“2021 was a game-changing year for cybersecurity as ransomware methods and tools exploded,” said Chris Hope, senior director of IT and security, One Source. “NC companies in 2022 will continue to navigate hybrid work environments and other challenges that may leave them vulnerable to attacks. It’s vital that these companies understand what they may be dealing with in the year ahead and review their cybersecurity strategies to meet existing challenges while preparing for new threats that emerge in a dynamic business environment.”

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