Tales from the Cyber Vault
How One Source Saved Businesses More Than $100 Million From Devastating Cyberattacks in 2021

When it comes to data breaches, ransomware is one of the most costly and destructive attacks out there. In fact, according to IBM’s “Cost of a Data Breach 2021 Report”, the average total cost of a ransomware breach reached $4.62 million this year. The shift to remote work and increasing reliance on digital infrastructure have left many businesses vulnerable. This has led to a rise in ransomware and other attacks that can lead to massive financial and reputational damage. It’s no longer enough to simply install antivirus software and assume systems will be protected.

Join One Source CISO, Steve Cobb, and Sr. Director of IT & Security, Chris Hope, as they discuss real-life ransomware battles they’ve fought this year and the strategies used to win against threat actors and prevent future attacks.

In this 45-minute webinar you will discover:

  • Real-life tales of ransomware battles and the methods threat actors used to infiltrate businesses
  • Tactics and tools used to defend against threat actors
  • Strategies to mature your cyber environment to prevent attacks


Steve Cobb
CISO, One Source
Chris Hope
Senior Director of IT & Security, One Source