One Source Unveils Recommendations for North Carolina Companies to Navigate the Complexities of Cybersecurity Insurance

Local and regional businesses seek financial security amid rise in ransomware and other cyberattacks

GREENVILLE, N.C. – July 20, 2022 –  One Source, a leading provider of managed information technology services, today announced recommendations for North Carolina businesses seeking or renewing cybersecurity insurance policies. As ransomware and other attacks continue to rise with the emergence of new threats and global conflicts, insurance rates for cyberattacks are rising and policies are adding new requirements as businesses seek to protect their bottom lines against potentially devastating cyber incidents.

The cost of cybersecurity insurance continues to rise exponentially across North Carolina in response to existing and emerging threats. According to a report from Fitch Ratings, cyber insurance has become the fastest growing segment for U.S. property/casualty insurers, with standalone coverage increasing more than 92 percent in 2021. With the rise of ransomware-as-a-service, new forms of malware, and attacks stemming from the Russia-Ukraine conflict, NC companies seeking new policies or facing renewals may be caught off guard by significant increases in premiums in the months and years ahead. Additionally, insurance providers continue to add new requirements and stipulations to policies as they seek safeguards and assurances in the face of increasing attacks.

Because of this, One Source is recommending that businesses take the following steps when seeking or renewing their cybersecurity insurance policies:

  • Measure against risk: Companies should identify which areas of their businesses are at the greatest risk for attack, as well as how attacks may be carried out. A manufacturer, for example, may have valuable intellectual property that could be extorted in a ransomware attack, while a bank could potentially have sensitive customer data exposed in a data breach. Assess vulnerabilities to the business and work with providers to size coverage accordingly.
  • Take important steps before applying: Many insurance premiums have requirements for cybersecurity measures companies must have in place – including establishing multi-factor authentication for IT equipment and installing prevention tools in critical systems – as well as preferred lists of cybersecurity vendors. It’s important for companies to work with their managed security providers to understand which measures to implement to lower the cost of their premiums.
  • Find a trusted advisor: Like any type of business insurance, choosing the right cyber policy can be a daunting process with significant complexity. Whether renewing their current policy or seeking a new one, companies should work with a trusted advisor to help understand which aspects of the business need to be covered and identify potentially hidden opportunities to save.

“The explosion of cyber threats globally has made it imperative for North Carolina companies to protect their businesses from both attacks and the financial damage they cause,” said Steve Cobb, chief information security officer, One Source. “At the same time, many companies are dealing with rising costs across their businesses. By taking the right steps and understanding their unique vulnerabilities, companies can reduce their overall risk of attack while protecting their bottom lines when those attacks occur. And they inevitably will.”

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