Repeatable Mobile Deployment Through Kitting

Mobile Device Kitting supports critical business needs such as onboarding new employees and rolling out technology upgrades. When you onboard new hires, you need their smartphones and other mobile devices configured to your specifications and made secure against cyberattacks. You also need to deploy new devices for your staff when they are due for upgrades, or if you’re rolling out company-wide initiatives for a technology refresh.

When new or upgraded devices are delivered, it’s important that the experience is consistently smooth for all employees and new hires across locations, so they can get working immediately. But you may not have the space at your locations to store these devices, or the resources to dedicate to configuring the technology yourself.

Kitting is the solution for a simpler, more efficient and more effective deployment process that delivers enhanced inventory control and awareness via our OneLink portal. All you do is place an order and your technology needs are fulfilled!

How One Source Helps with Mobile Device Kitting

Our kitting service provides centralized and efficient procurement, configuration and delivery of devices into the hands of your employees. Your configuration preferences and requirements are saved, including extras such as cases, screen protectors and apps, so everything is set up exactly the way you want. You’ll also have real-time awareness and full reporting on device fulfillment and delivery status, to ensure full alignment on processing and delivery timelines.

Other kitting services are either heavily software-based, requiring manual work, or are outsourced to third parties, but this is an important process that can’t just be automated. That’s why we’ve developed a scalable solution built on an efficient process carried out by real people, not software. We’ll even hold your unused inventory for you in a secure location.

The result is highly repeatable, controlled device deployment for your company to streamline onboarding and rolling out upgrades for your employees.

Easily Scalable

Easily Scalable

Whether you need just a few devices when upgrades are due or several hundred new devices every month, our process scales to accommodate.
Improved Inventory Management

Improved Inventory Management

We provide real-time reporting throughout the process, configure each device to your preferences and store unused inventory, ready to launch when needed.
Fully Tested

Fully Tested

Testing is an integral part of our kitting process, so you know your new devices are ready to go, right out of the box.

Looking to streamline your onboarding process?

How Kitting Works

One Source offers two packages, a basic approach and a more advanced one:

Basic Kitting
  • Installation of apps according to your preferences
  • Device activation and testing
  • Installation of screen protector, case, MDM platform and other elements, based on specification
  • Standardized packaging of devices for shipment
Advanced Kitting
  • Includes all features in the basic kitting package, plus:
  • Package your devices in custom, branded boxes with foam inserts for a more polished onboarding experience
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