IT and Telecom Connectivity
To Outsource Or Not To Outsource?
3 Key Factors To Consider

IT outsourcing has gained increasing popularity among both large and small businesses. Companies strategies range from outsourcing their entire IT department to relying on an IT business for technical support. While there are several benefits to outsourcing for your IT needs, there are also important factors to consider before hiring an outside IT vendor to ensure a successful partnership.

Join Jamie Garner, Senior Vice President, Information Technology Officer at Union Bank, in a 15 minute spotlight Q&A session to discover why he knew it was time to outsource and how he implemented a successful strategic partnership that increased efficiencies in his business.

In this session he discussed:

  • Maximizing the investment in outsourcing
    • Choosing the right vendor for your organization
    • Realizing cost savings through a strategic partnership
  • Vendor Technology and Human Resources
    • Gain unique expertise & knowledge
    • Free up resources and refocus internal IT staff more toward innovation
  • Competitive Advantage of a Vendor Partnership
    • Increase flexibility in where you allocate time and budget
    • Sustain scalable, repeatable growth


Jamie Garner
Senior Vice President – Information Technology Officer
Union Bank

Steve Cobb
Chief Information Security Officer
One Source