What Your Insurance Company Needs You To Know About Cybersecurity

It is not just large corporations are the only victims of hacking and phishing attempts, but mid-sized businesses are frequently targeted now more than ever before. Many companies are taking on the added measure of purchasing cyber insurance in an effort to protect themselves against the wide range of cyber security risks that exist in today’s uncertain world, but is that enough to keep your data and company protected?

Join Jim Kay, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at Curi, in a 15 min spotlight Q&A session where he gives advice and shares his experience about what you may not know about protecting your data.

In this session he discussed:

  • Risk management – why cyber insurance is not a strategy
  • Actionable recommendations to reduce exposure
  • Leveraging partnerships – why insurance companies are teaming with cyber experts


Jim Kay
Senior Vice President of Customer Experience

Kirk Waddell
Executive Vice President of Technology
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