Zombie Devices Are Eating Your IT Budget

Why Your Organization Needs a Mobile Device Management Strategy

Zombie devices are devices within your organization that you believe to be dead or deactivated when in reality they’re active and still billing. The costs associated with these devices add up, and chip away at your IT budget. In fact, this is a problem that is estimated to cost US companies more than $5.4 million a year.

Accuracy and deep visibility into your mobile inventory are essential for efficient cost control, streamlined procurement, detailed expense tracking, and precise cost allocation. Having a reliable strategy to manage inventory as part of your technology lifecycle will give you continuous cost compression as well as accurate visibility into cost usage. This doesn’t only prevent billing errors on the carrier side, but it can mitigate employee misuse or abuse of mobile devices. Further, incorrect inventory information impacts areas across the organization such as HR, Help Desk, Procurement, Billing, and Security. As an enterprise, it is essential that you understand who is using each mobile device, where it’s being used when it’s being used, and how employees are using it. And moving into 2022, this visibility ensures accurate IT budget setting and forecasting.

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