One Source Acquires Alliance Communication Management: End-to-End Communications Lifecycle Management Offers Expanded Managed Mobility Services and Mobile Kitting Operations

Greenville, NC – June 10, 2020-  Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) One Source announces the acquisition and successful integration of strategic partner Alliance Communication Management.  Headquartered in Mobile, Alabama, Alliance’s business contributes substantial cultural and service-related commonalities to One Source. Both businesses were founded in 1997, specializing in Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and rooted in the southeast.   

The integration of Alliance further enables One Source to deliver an end-to-end managed service offering. The acquisition enhances existing Managed Mobility Services (MMS) capabilities while adding extensive kitting operations and enhanced eBonding capabilities, allowing One Source to leverage a direct-to-carrier automated data exchange process for processing orders and handling trouble tickets. Since the acquisition of Alliance in February 2020, One Source has already greatly expanded mobile kitting operations, doubling the management of mobile devices and surpassing the companies’ historic industry-leading expertise in wireline and VOIP services.  Kitting is often utilized for onboarding new employees, refreshing/upgrading new mobile devices or rolling out new field initiatives.  It ensures that all mobile devices are set to consistent standards, secure and ready to be used immediately – and delivered consistently across every hire, every time. One Source mobile kitting service provides centralized and efficient procurement, configuration, and Mobile Data Management (MDM). It provides real-time awareness of device fulfillment, inventory and delivery status, with reporting insights to ensure full alignment of delivery timelines. Each device is configured exactly to customer preferences and unused inventory is stored, ready to launch when needed.        

“Alliance has enabled One Source to close the loop with a truly soup-to-nuts Communications Lifecycle Management services offering.  As remote workforces become a new normal for many businesses, One Source is well-positioned to procure, inventory, configure, secure, package and deploy mobile devices, while right-sizing service plans and technology to reduce costs” explains Tim Meng, CEO, One Source.      

About One Source
One Source’s end-to-end Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) offering is a necessary evolution from traditional telecom expense management (TEM) that addresses the financial, technical, and compliance issues associated with telecom billing, device management, and support challenges in an increasingly connected world. As organizations juggle wireline, wireless, security and next-generation technologies, there is great benefit to having one vendor manage your portfolio holistically to ensure greater cost savings, right-sized technology needs and inventory management. One Source drives a very trustful long term and hyper-responsible customer partnership, yielding a 99% retention rate with an average customer tenure of 12 years. 

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