Why It’s Imperative for Mid-Market Companies To Fund Cybersecurity During Current Lockdown

Your Remote Workforce is Vulnerable

During these unprecedented times we are creating new ways of working and living. In fact, analyst Hyoun Park with Amalgam Insights estimates that the percentage of employees who work from home during the COVID-19 outbreak will increase more than 40% over the next three months.

With urgent remote workforce concerns our customers are turning to us for help: to keep their teams and offices connected, to reduce their IT/Telecom expenses to free up funding, to manage their IT infrastructure, and to protect them against the potential growing number of cyber threats preying on their vulnerability.

The reality of an at-home workforce is you have more remote points of entry to your network heightening your security risk exponentially. Amalgam Insights estimates that between 55% and 65% of small and medium businesses have no plans or policies to deal with a security breach.

The reality today is that hackers will prey on the social isolation and potential naivete of your remote workforce. Per the article “How to Defend your Company against Coronavirus CyberScams”  safety starts with your employees as your best line of defense when detecting phishing and cyber threats. Do you have the proper training tools and resources to teach them what to look out for? Do you have firewalls in place to protect your network and data privacy in the event of a breach?

How-to Self-fund Cybersecurity Now

Download the Whitepaper Self-Funding Cybersecurity for the Mid-Market Enterprise to get a complete guide to Amalgam Insights recommendations. The last complication you need right now is a data breach that could shut your doors so use this paper as a means of determining the right approach.

By working with a managed services/managed security service provider to reallocate network and IT spend to cybersecurity, you can cut unnecessary costs and focus on the health of the company. This will keep your people working safely from home and keep the business protected.

For more information contact us at info@ostcm.com.

Want to learn more?

Read the full whitepaper and watch the on-demand webinar with Analyst, Hyoun Park, Amalgam Insights.

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